Basic profile.

Name: Shiki Misaki (美咲 四季 Misaki Shiki)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Classification: Player
Partner: Neku Sakuraba
Fighting Style: ESP Cards
Voice: Heather Hogan (English), Anna Hachimine (Japanese)

"Fashionable and fabulous at fifteen, Shiki knows clothes. While she puts on a cheerful face to lend Neku some much-needed moral support, deep down she harbors a secret... She never parts with her homemade stuffed animal, Mr. Mew; to survive, Neku can never part with her."
– Game manual description

Shiki Misaki is one of three partners Neku can team up with as you play through The World Ends With You. She makes her first appearance in Day 1, Week 1 making her Neku's first partner (and personally my favorite to use, and not just because I like her!). She is always seen carrying her homemade stuffed cat Mr. Mew, and is quite skilled at sewing––even the clothes she wears were made by her! Shiki has dream to one day become a fashion designer. She loves clothes and is always up on the latest trends. While Shiki is prone to irritating Neku early on with her overly bubbly personality Shiki hides a dark secret.

When it comes to sewing Shiki has a sharp eye for detail. She would notice the little things, and, because of this was super picky (hmm, reminds me of someone else I know). She'd always catch the tiny things missed in her friend's designs, and is seen to be easily irritated when something is falling apart, as seen with Neku when he had a loose button on his pants. Although Neku didn't care about it Shiki demanded he take off his pants so that she could fix it, right in the middle of the street too (but no one could see them anyway, so it was no big deal).

On the battlefield.

When fighting, Shiki will use Mr. Mew to fight by using Groove Pawn, a Psychokinesis-type pin, to animate it. In order to deal damage she must match ESP Cards––also known as Zener cards––in order for her to attack by using left or right on the D-pad. These cards are facedown normally so they cannot be seen until you finish a chain. Hitting a direction will deal damage and if the card at the end of the chain matches the card seen above she will unleash a finishing attack, dealing extra damage. If not you'll have to start the chain over. Shiki can also gain Fusion Stars this way, when enough cards have been matched, which will unleash a powerful attack by her and Neku. There are three levels of Fusion attacks, and depending on the level different animations can be seen.

"Shiki: Ready to die?
Neku: Then die!"
– Level 1 Fusion attack dialogue

In addition Shiki is able to jump and attack enemies mid-air by pressing up on the D-pad or X, dealing double damage one time. Reversing the direction while in the middle of a combo will result in a counter which deals double damage. She can also guard against attacks when pressing down on the D-pad or B. Out of the three partners I find Shiki the easiest to use, and perhaps the least frustrating as well (I'm looking at you Joshua!). I like to use her as much as possible as a result.