As some may be aware this site used to go under the name "Owarinai Yume" (meaning "unending dream" in Japanese). I liked the name and thought it fit Shiki nicely, but at some point down the road I wanted to get away from using Japanese words for site names and decided I needed something else. I don't even remember how, but I found a word I liked much better. That being "Transformation". But why the name and what does it have to do with Shiki?

First up, if you don't already know, Transformation is the name of a song found in The World Ends With You, and is easily one of my favorite songs from the game. The song is sung by Andy from Sixpin, and is a rock/metal song (I think so anyway; I don't know my music genres all that well). I'm not sure though if it's a real band or just a fictional one within the game. If for some reason you have not yet heard the song yet I suggest you listen to it now. Some people may associate Long Dream with Shiki, or Transformation with Beat, but for me it will always be Shiki with Transformation. Why is that? It all comes down to this one line:

"Is this what you're searching for? Are you scared to know the truth?"

This line speaks to me a lot in regards to Shiki. While she is excited to look like her best friend, at the same time she has no idea why she looks like her. After all, Shiki hates herself. I think perhaps Shiki knew why she looked that way, but was afraid to know the truth of it as it would confirm her fears, and in truth it did. Even if she were to win the Game and get that second chance she would still be that same person she always was. Shiki becomes depressed as a result, but thanks to Neku is able to grow beyond that and be a better version of herself.

Aside from being the name of a song I think the word alone has a lot to do with her growth over the course of the seven days. She goes from trying to be someone she's not to realizing that she's amazing the way she is. Neku saw it and Eri did too. I think having known that allows her to grow and transform into the kind of person she was meant to be.